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Asphalt maintenance in McAllen, TX

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Asphalt, whether is on your parking lot, front door or any other area in your property, requires maintenance to provide that soft, flat and smooth black surface cars love the most. 

If keeping pavement in good condition is neglected, cracking, raveling and other signs of wear and tear will appear, causing damage on vehicles.

This is the importance asphalt maintenance in McAllen has, and in order to hire such relevant service in the city, you have Premier Maintenance RGV at your disposal. 

Look after the pavement in your commercial and residential property with a comprehensive asphalt maintenance solution. 

Get valuable and certified assistance by hiring the best and most skilled contractors in town to get the job done, in relation to repairs, installation and maintenance of pavement.

Keep reading to know more details. 

Preventive asphalt maintenance tasks at Premier Maintenance RGV 

asphalt detail

A bad or poorly maintained asphalt in your property is going to bring several issues. To avoid them, you count on Premier Maintenance RGV to perform preventive asphalt maintenance in McAllen.

In more details, we offer a wide set of maintenance, repairing and installation services for pavements at your property.

Recoat, reseal and re-patch asphalt, fix cracks due to water infiltration or apply a new membrane to last for years. 

Anything you need regarding pavement maintenance solutions, we have you covered in the city of McAllen and counties surrounding Rio Grande Valley. 

Now, why is asphalt maintenance so important?

Unavoidably, pavement is going to suffer wear and tear overtime. Cracking and raveling will be noticeable, making the surface losing its flatness and smoothness while driving, while it looks bad at the same time. 

The good news is, through our specialized services you will be able to keep your asphalt on your parking lot, front or anywhere else up to date. 

This is cost-effective and extend the life span of the asphalt way more, in comparison to those pavements that are not properly maintained, repaired and replaced. 

Comprehensive pavement maintenance services in McAllen, TX

When asphalt is not maintained properly, several issues may appear.

Some of them are: alligator cracking that occurs due to poor drainage, weaken or too thin surface and harsh weather. 

The second is the block cracking, as a problem that appears when combined defective installation, long periods of direct sunlight exposure and low traffic.

And third, edge cracking that can be seen on the side of the pavement. Edge cracks are caused by: overgrown vegetation, poor drain and lack of asphalt edge support. 

In any case, all of these problems happen due to lack of maintenance and need to be repaired.

Premier Maintenance RGV offers all-inclusive solutions and specialized services respecting pavement repairs, installation and other task to look after the asphalt and extend its lifespan in parking lots, streets and fronts. 

Available services are:

  • Asphalt repairs: re-patching and reinstall areas in the asphalt that are too damaged. By applying different materials and placing membranes, the pavement can be recovered without having to reinstalling it completely. 
  • Sealcoating: the most cost-effective and practical asphalt maintenance solution. By sealcoating the surface, pavements recover strength on the surface and early cracks can be covered and addressed properly and in time, in order to avoid severe damage. 
  • Crack sealing: seal the cracks by repairing and reapplying pavement. This is what is called resurfacing the asphalt.  
  • Asphalt marking: mark the pavement after treatment with mandatory traffic signals. Our team is able to do it precisely. 
  • Pavement removal and replacement: in case of severe damage, repairs are off the table due to impractically. In this situation, asphalt removal and replacement is the best choice by reinstalling new membranes. 

What must you look for in maintenance services?

Maintenance services are very important for any property, if the intention is to take care of it as it should.

At Premier Maintenance RGV, we are aware of such situation and therefore we provide high quality maintenance solutions. 

We work only through the hand of the most skilled and capable contractors in town, by following an approach that guarantees timely completion, friendly attention and top-not craftsmanship. 

Along with responsibility and reliability as well, through many years we have earned great reputation and excellent customer satisfaction rates, by attending thousands of clients and their properties in McAllen and Rio Grande Valley area. 

Have you searched for “asphalt maintenance in McAllen, TX near me“ in Google?

Coming across our website is an indication that we offer what you are looking for regarding your pavement maintenance and repair tasks.

Contact us at (956) 540-5951 and ask for free quote and estimation and to know better about your needs, budget and purpose.

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