General maintenance in McAllen, TX

General maintenance in Pharr

Maintenance tasks to carry out in any property; a house, a business or commercial building, can be very extensive and require a broad set of services and solutions in order to take care of everything. Would not it be ideal to count on with “one stop shop” where to have covered all of the maintenance […]

Plumbing in McAllen, TX

Plumbing in Pharr

From a leaking pipe to a clogged toilet or a problem with the sewer lines, plumbing-related issues can be almost limitless in commercial and residential properties. Sure, while there are specific low severity problems that can be addressed with a DIY approach, others are simply too complex and require experts. If you are searching for […]

Asphalt maintenance in McAllen, TX

Asphalt maintenance in Pharr

Asphalt, whether is on your parking lot, front door or any other area in your property, requires maintenance to provide that soft, flat and smooth black surface cars love the most.  If keeping pavement in good condition is neglected, cracking, raveling and other signs of wear and tear will appear, causing damage on vehicles. This […]

Cabinetry in McAllen, TX

Cabinetry in Edinburg

When it comes to the kitchen, office, bathroom and vanities and other rooms in the house or workplace, cabinetry is a very important aspect. Cabinets are very functional and help keeping everything organized, having a decorative purpose as well in terms of design and style, too.  Premier Maintenance RGV will help you bringing your vision […]

Door installation in McAllen, TX

Door installation in McAllen, TX

From that front door that must look great and with appeal while it protects your property to the bathroom door that provides privacy, doors are important. If you are looking for a door installation in McAllen, TX, Premier Maintenance RGV is the service provider to count on in the city.  Give your house or work […]

Electrical maintenance in McAllen, TX

Electrical installation in Pharr

While it is clear general maintenance is very important in any commercial or residential property and related internal systems, there is one of them that definitely stands out; the electrical installation.  You see, without proper electrical maintenance procedures in McAllen, the whole structure would be at risk and ultimately resulting in a blackout, failure or […]

Grease trap cleaning in McAllen

Any foodservice business; from a café to a restaurant or fast food chain, all of these workplaces related to the food and beverage industry are in the need of having a grease trap in their kitchens. Without it, oil, grease and fat-based residues and waste will get the sewer lines and waterways, causing several issues.  […]

Industrial cleaning in McAllen, TX

Disinfection in Edinburg

Cleaning tasks in industrial facilities and similar environments are very important. The thing is, such practices have great relevance in terms of safety, mandatory sanitary regulations and inspection, as well as they offer a sanitized place to work in factories and plants.  At Premier Maintenance RGV, industrial cleaning solutions are available for commercial customers in […]

Overhead door installation in McAllen, TX

Overhead door installation in Pharr, as the best and most reliable type of entrance for commercial properties. 

When it comes to accessing possibilities; openings, entrances and gates for industries, commercial buildings and similar, there is no better choice than overhead doors.  With this type of access solution, durability, strength yet lightweight, low-maintenance and enhanced entrance is guaranteed.  With the assistance of Premier Maintenance RGV, commercial customers can have their overhead door installation […]

Pressure washing in McAllen, TX

Getting to know more about our pressure washing service at Premier Maintenance RGV owners will be able to find at Premier Maintenance RGV.

Exterior surfaces in houses and commercial buildings suffer the hard conditions of weather, temperature change, environment elements like mold, dust and dirt, general transit and simply the path of time.  As result, wear and tear, opacity and damage appear in driveways, decks, patios, porches and even the roof. The suitable cleaning solution for these cases […]

Remodeling in McAllen, TX

Remodeling in McAllen, TX

Would you like to renovate your house or business? Maybe your property is starting showing its age or old design and you want to give it that new fresh air. To achieve this, you are going to need outstanding remodeling in McAllen, TX and Premier Maintenance RGV is the specialized company to call regarding such […]

Roof maintenance in McAllen, TX

Roof patching and waterproofing in Pharr

While not many homeowners give it too much thought, the roofing system in any house is one of the most expensive parts.  This is a reality not only from the installation, but also in terms of replacements and future repairs. Luckily, there is an easy way to take care of the roof and save money […]

AC repair in Edinburg

AC repair in Pharr

One of the most important devices to have properly working in your home is the air conditioning. Such unit not only provides a comfortable and nice environment and thermal sensation in the sizzling summers, but also increase efficiency in the use of energy.  Without a functional and maintained AC device, internal temperature inside a commercial […]

Ceiling repair in Edinburg

Ceiling repair in Edinburg

When it comes to your house, there is nothing like having that beautiful, textured and taken care of ceiling, as one of the most important elements for the aesthetics and feel of your property. In fact, one small stain or the tiniest water leak may ruin your ceiling and lose that even and perfect texture […]

Painting in McAllen, TX

Painting in Edinburg

Paint the walls and other elements in your house or business and make them as good a new, renovating the space and improve it completely.  If you are looking to give your commercial or residential property a new and fresh look and a basic maintenance, painting is definitely the way to go. For painting in […]

Wall cleaning in McAllen, TX

Wall cleaning in Edinburg

In most houses and commercial buildings, cleaning tasks usually address the floor and that is very much it. The thing is, walls are structures that over time also accumulate dust in the best cases, involving grime and dirt in the worst case scenarios.  Now, washing the walls is tricky and not very fun, being always […]

Lighting installation in McAllen, TX

Lighting installation in Edinburg

The transformation, improvement and renovation of any home or property involves plenty of elements. One of these components is lighting, which has a very important purpose respecting aesthetics and design, as well as the functionality of any home or business. Bad lights mean poor look of a space, with no proper illumination.  Have beautiful lights […]

Lock installation in McAllen

Lock installation in McAllen

Locks are the most important part of any security system in a home or business property. Without high-quality and properly installed locks, the safety of your house or workplace would simply compromised and at risk of any intruder or unauthorized access. To avoid this, enjoy a top-notch lock installation in McAllen by hiring Premier Maintenance […]

General interior remodeling in McAllen, TX

General interior remodeling in McAllen

Having a comfortable, beautiful and functional house that meets every aspect in terms of design, style and purpose is something every owner is interested in. If that is not the case and you are looking for to renovate and transform your home, a general interior remodeling in McAllen is the best way to achieve it. […]

General maintenance in Edinburg

General maintenance in Pharr

Looking after a property, such as a house, business or similar building is not easy. You see, there are many aspects to take care if the intention is to keep everything working properly, regardless of the path of time and probable natural deterioration. This is when general maintenance in Edinburg turns out to be the […]