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Ceiling repair in McAllen, TX

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The ceiling is an important part of any structure or building when it comes to decoration and also respecting foundations of the property. Therefore, dealing with ceiling issues have consequences in appearance and may also be a symptom of bigger problems. Whatever ceiling repair in McAllen you are having, we can help you solve it at Premier Maintenance RGV, the contractor to hire for this and other maintenance projects. 

Call in actual professional to repair and remodel your ceiling and forget about the so-called DIY tutorials. Prevent accidents and more expensive damage by allowing skilled, insured and licensed workers to do this important job. 

Fix any problem with your ceiling at Premier Maintenance RGV 

Having issues in your ceiling? Whether you are dealing with a hole, an ugly humidity stain, a water leak or even bigger problems like ceiling bowing, cracking or sagging, Premier Maintenance RGV have you covered in any of those situations that could be very annoying and lead to more severe and expensive issues. 

When hiring us, you can count on a team of insured and certified professionals in the field of structure and property renewal and improvement. In this way, we get to address your ceiling issue in no time to repair holes and patch them properly, fixing cracks and restoring leaks in pipes and drainage, popcorn ceiling repairing, plaster reapplying and more. 

Our experts and technicians are also capable of providing a comprehensive service in every way respecting your ceiling. Interested in installing that new ceiling fan or lighting? Or apply that new ceiling texturing so it looks more modern? Premier Maintenance RGV is the one-call solution, quick and reliable in McAllen. Feel free to give us a call and facilitate a budget to work on. 

Ceiling solutions in McAllen, TX: Characteristics 

We provide a comprehensive ceiling solution and service in the city, so our customers enjoy several advantages and possibilities in one place and always on behalf of the best, most skilled and experienced professionals. Our ceiling solution at includes: 

Ceiling repair

cracks and leaks restoration, plaster repair, patching, drywall removal to fix soggy ceilings and roofs in properties, patching, retexturing and ceiling bowing. 

Light and ceiling fan installation and repair

replace ceiling fans and lights for new one, removing broken old ones and make the surface look cleaner and beautiful. Get that light fixture that fit your house style. 


applying of new textures, painting and design approaches in general to improve the entire look of the property. 

Our team of professionals address the project and repairing tasks from all angles, since the ultimate goal is to improve the space, from the functioning to the aspect perspective. 

Common ceiling problems and reasons they appear 

When it comes to ceilings in general, there are more frequent problems than others that may also differ respecting severity and description. Fortunately, at Premier Maintenance RGV we are able to address any of the following issues thanks to experience and capable technicians: 

  1. Ceiling cracks: cracks in the ceiling are caused by foundation problems and also due to heavy moisture, which at the same time is consequence of failing drainage on the roof. 
  2. Leaking: broken pipes cause water leaking, affecting the surface of the ceiling by staining it and making it look bad. 
  3. Ceiling bowing: long-term humidity and moisture presence may weaken the ceiling structure, making bowing to the point it is noticeable. Too much weight have this consequence as well. 
  4. Surface damage: humidity and general damage may cause surface deterioration over time, causing the plaster and painting to peel off. Undesirable popcorn ceiling effect is a great example. 

In case any of the previously mentioned issues is not addressed as it should by capable professionals, more severe damage will appear on the long run, costing more money and putting at risk the entire house or building structure. That is why; getting in touch with actual ceiling professionals as Premier Maintenance RGV is critical to solve related problems. 

Schedule a free inspection today 

If you require a ceiling repair in McAllen fast in order to avoid more damage, call Premier Maintenance RGV. By scheduling a free-pressure ceiling inspection today online, you will have a 10% discount in any ceiling repair service. Visit https://premiermaintenance.com or call us at (956) 540-5951 to hear from your ceiling repairing or remodeling needs. 

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