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Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr

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In current times, taking advantage of services related with disinfection and sanitation in Pharr is critical, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Actually, this is the only way of guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment. Well, Premier Maintenance RGV is the business that provides such specialized solution in the city.

Make sure of complying with mandatory sanitary regulations, at the same time you provide peace of mind to your customers and workers at your business premises. A

All of this can be achieved with the assistance of a skilled and qualified team of professional cleaners, as experts in the disinfection and sanitization departments. 

Protect your business premises from pathogens at Premier Maintenance RGV

At every commercial property, high traffic areas and surfaces are quite common where workers operate. Therefore, the risk of spreading different pathogens increases exponentially.

In times of COVID-19, this is something to take care of and even mandatory from the legal standpoint.

In relation to this, disinfection and sanitation services in Pharr becomes imperative as the ideal solution to disinfect businesses and commercial premises. 

Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr
Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr

When such cleaning tasks are neglected, getting a disease is almost certain and providing peace of mind to workers and clients is impossible. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, we provide a set of specialized disinfecting and cleaning solutions, comprehensively and at a surface level. 

Like this, our staff is able to offer almost 100% pathogen-free results, removing from viruses and bacteria to microbes and other harmful agents responsible of spreading illnesses. 

In details, relying on certified and qualified professionals in the cleaning and disinfecting department is how we can achieve the best results. 

Our staff can pull off the biggest projects and cover great facilities and commercial buildings with extensive areas, no matter the industry in which they are in. 

The disinfection process our team performs is CDC and EPA compliant, as well as every resource and every technician wears a PPE suit. 

Disinfecting procedures at your commercial property in Pharr 

In more depth, thoroughly carried out disinfection and sanitation procedures require different steps. In order to guarantee a deep cleaning process, at Premier Maintenance RGV we perform assessment tasks first.

This allows us to know exactly how to address the cleaning project, in terms of the size of the business property, industry which it belongs to, condition and more. 

For instance, it is not the same to disinfect a small retail store in comparison to a manufacturing plant, since the approaches must be different. 

Whether you own an office building, hotel, hospital or daycare facility, a factory, school, restaurant, store or any other, we can help you with your cleaning project. This is how we do it. 

  • Creating a customizing your disinfection plan: after you reach us via phone or web, coming up with a customized disinfection plan is the way to go. By evaluating the business size, type and conditions, we are able to design a sanitation scheme that adapts the property´s needs. 

For example, our team offers facility specific solutions that fit specific requirements in buildings belonging to different industries and niches. 

  • Disinfection and sanitization process: after creating the most suitable plan, it is time to get hands on deck. From the smallest to the biggest project, deep cleaning is guaranteed by using hospital-grade disinfectants in every high-traffic area. 

From tabletops and desks to chairs, knob doors, hand reels, each surface is properly disinfected, by performing cleaning, sanitization, disinfection and sterilization techniques. 

As result, 99, 99% of possible agents on surfaces; viruses, bacteria, fungi and more are completely removed. 

Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr
Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr

Why is disinfection required in commercial properties? 

Due to their commercial purpose, businesses usually involved high-touch areas from workers and customers. Being like this, there is increased risk of surfaces carrying harmful pathogens that affect health. 

With cleaning and disinfection solutions, buildings of this sort can be more secure and guarantee a virus and bacteria-free environment. This gives peace of mind to employees and clients in general. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, businesses obtain a certificate that let people know such area is pathogen-free, which in many cases is a sanitary must from the legal point of view. 

Call us and obtain estimation and quote info

Desperate for a disinfection and sanitation service in Pharr? At Premier Maintenance RGV, we are able to help by providing a comprehensive cleaning process, specifically approached to businesses of any industry. 

Get in touch with us at (956) 540-5951 and let us know about your Project, so we can visit you and leave your property spotless and free of viruses. 

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