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Grease trap cleaning in Edinburg

Grease trap cleaning in Pharr

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Grease traps are of the most common and important devices restaurants and similar businesses have.

Without it, pollution would be at the order of the day, along with possible fines and suits for environmental damage. Fortunately, you count on grease trap cleaning in Edinburg, by Premier Maintenance RGV. 

With us, you are going to make sure of having a clean and sanitary grease trap, working fully and as intended for much longer.

Our staff will take care of it carrying out a set of cleaning techniques, with specialized resources and equipment. 

Like this, the grease trap will be as good as new and will decrease possibility of pollution caused by fat and oils getting into the waterways. But, what is exactly a grease trap and how does it work? Let´s find out. 

What does it do a grease trap cleaning in Edinburg?

Any business that is food-related needs a grease trap mandatorily, which is installed in the kitchen and act as a filter. But, why is it so necessary to the point where not having one or not maintaining it properly end up in legal issues?

Grease trap cleaning in Edinburg
Grease trap cleaning in Edinburg

Specifically, as the name suggests a grease trap is a device that is capable of getting oil-based waste caught, not allowing it to go to through the drainage.

By using filters, such waste that is known as FOG for fat, oil and grease remains on the surface and do not pollute fresh water. 

FOG is not able to get to sewer lines, landfills and wastewater thanks to the grease trap

Now, unfortunately with time the device can quickly get filled by FOG, making the filtering function harder or even impossible, with issues starting to appear. 

For example, bad smells, overflowing, severe blockages and pollution getting to the sewer lines are some of the symptoms.

Similarly, depending on the condition of the grease trap, other sanitary issues can appear, affecting greatly the business´s productivity. 

This is when a grease trap cleaning solution becomes critical, and in Edinburg there is no better company to do the job than Premier Maintenance RGV.

Rely on the best staff and have your grease trap cleaned, meeting sanitary requirements that protect your business and environment as well. 

Grease trap cleaning procedure carried out by Premier Maintenance Florida 

When it comes to grease trap cleaning, at Premier Maintenance RGV we provide a comprehensive set of solutions to carry out.

Grease trap cleaning in Edinburg
Grease trap cleaning in Edinburg

At the same time, the procedure to address includes several steps to make sure the grease trap is cleaned thoroughly, working as intended at the end. These steps are: 

Pre-service inspection and evaluation:

before getting our hands on the grease trap with proper equipment, a pre-service inspection is carried out. In this way, we can check the device´s current status, size and severity of the blockage.

Surely, this will give us a very good idea on how to address the cleaning process. 

Pump out procedure:

before cleaning the actual surface of the grease trap, pumping out the excess of FOG is critical. This is done with a big hose and specialized equipment that suck the fat and oils out, as heavy duty work. 

Actual grease trap cleaning process:

having assessed and pumped the grease trap, it is time to actually clean the device at a surface level. To do it, techniques of rodding and jetting high-pressured water are used to clean hardened fat and other waste.

In details, water allows to perform a more sanitary and efficient cleaning process. 

Post-service inspection:

with everything clean and easier to see, a post-service inspection is performed. Such process allows our staff to detect malfunctioning in the grease trap and also on inlets and outlets, as well as piping structure and filters.

In case something is damaged, a report will be delivered so it can be addressed properly and soon. 

Audits, scheduled cleaning and emergency service:

other services we provide include audits to check your device periodically, scheduled cleaning sessions for failure prevention, as well as emergency service.

This last one is useful in the case of an inopportune overflow or blockage caused by a dirty grease trap. 

Call us in today for grease trap cleaning at your business 

Do you own or manage a foodservice-related business? For sure you need a grease trap cleaning solution in Edinburg at some point, and Premier Maintenance RGV can help with such important project. 

We guarantee reliability, precise work and top-notch cleaning procedures, along with timely delivery. Call our staff in at (956) 540-5951 and let us know about your business´s needs. 

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