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Handyman near me in Harlingen: disinfection for commercial and residential properties

Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr

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Health is a matter that is important in every aspect, but it acquires a greater level of relevance when family, friends or employees are involved. This is why; it is so critical to have our home and business disinfected and sanitized, decreasing risks of health in many ways respecting pathogen and germ elimination, along with other benefits that are valuable in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find handyman near you in Harleingen specialized in disinfection solutions. 

Businesses are public places and while houses do not get that much people to be around, these are spaces that get in touch with others and what they carry: pathogens, germs, bacteria, viruses and more without even knowing it, putting at risk the health of the people that use those spaces. The good news is, with Premier Maintenance RGV you have a comprehensive disinfection solution to count on, designed to cover commercial and residential properties alike. 

Details about the disinfection service and handyman manning in RGV 

Specifically, a disinfection solution is the one that through some components and chemicals, different spaces can be disinfected and completely cleaned respecting contaminant agents, which could be from viruses and germs to other series of pathogens and also non-biological elements that either way are dangerous and may affect people´s health greatly. 

Like this, public spaces and also homes can be free of these pathogens and also protect the environment. For example, when it comes to businesses preventive measures are mandatory to be taken, in order to avoid infection and protect the health of people working in it. However, it is always important to think of this measure as a security and integrity tool, more than a simple law or legal requirement. 

Of course, in order to address common areas and completely clean them, there is the need to count on with proper professionals and technicians in the matter, assuring proper use of cleaning components, with approach of large scale in big businesses or small one for offices and houses, always counting on with the ideal method depending on the condition and also wearing PPE or personal protective equipment. 

Technicians are always protected and due to their skills and specific knowledge, high-touch zones like buttons, halls, stairs and, elevators and more can be entirely sanitized and disinfected. To guarantee the best of works, disinfection solutions are regulated and follow the guidelines of important health institutions, such as EPA, FDA, CDC and more. 

Get a disinfection certificate with premier maintenance RGV 

Nowadays, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic many people are worried about visiting public places and other people´s homes that carry the infection. With the disinfection certificate provided by Premier Maintenance and compliant CDC and EPA standards, houses and businesses will let possible customers and visitors know that such spaces have been disinfected and therefore, they are secured and completely free of infection and dangerous pathogens. 

Also, the certificate means that non-toxic chemicals were used in the process of disinfection, while it work as a legal requirement usually asked by different health entities. 

Why getting a disinfected service at home or business?

There are a few clear reasons on why it is a good idea to have a disinfection service applied in your home, office or business. These are some of them: 

  • Low the risks of infection and protect workers and people at home. 
  • Compliant with a legal requirement in many states. Make possible customers and visitors feel safer. 
  • Keep a clean and safe environment. 
  • Take advantage of the expertise of disinfection solutions and their workers. 
  • A safer environment means workers that get sick less and more worked hours. 
  • A valuable service to count on these days at home or office, especially with the contingency related to COVID-19. 

Request for a disinfection service free quote now 

Get a free quote respecting the disinfection service available at Premier Maintenance RGV and protect you customers, friends and family. In this way, experts will arrive at your door and will help sanitize and disinfect common areas from infections, pathogens and more and guarantying the health of the people developing activities in the disinfected spaces. 

If you are looking for a handyman near you in disinfection services for residential and commercial properties with outstanding professionals and specialized equipment, hire Premier Maintenance RGV and enjoy a clean environment and guarantee people´s health.

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