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Maintenance Services McAllen, Tx

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Dealing with issues in your commercial or residential property due to lack of maintenance or for other reasons? Premier Maintenance RGV is the company to hire in order to fix such problems. 

Count on skilled, certified and licensed professionals that guarantee the highest work quality in every general maintenance or repairing task you require in your home or workplace. 

Take care of your property by carrying out exhaustive and state-of-the-art general maintenance and repairing procedures at any level: plumbing, AC and HVAC repair, disinfection, plumbing, ceiling repair, roofing, electrical and home installation and more. Get in contact and request a free quote.

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Breathing polluted air with microorganisms like viruses, bacteria and other allergens is very dangerous, especially at home with our family. Frequently, having a dirty and completely blocked air duct is the main reason for this to happen. 

Solve this problem by hiring a comprehensive and exhaustive air duct cleaning service and start breathing pure air. Get the ductwork cleaned and nice in your property, with the help of insured professionals you can find at Premier Maintenance RGV

We will make sure every duct and filter is cleaned properly, so the air to breathe is pure and AC and HVAC systems can work efficiently. Contact us today. 

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Interested in having a completely cleaned and disinfected place from COVID-19 and other viruses and pathogens in general? The only way to do it is by counting with a disinfection and sanitation solution today. 

Get outstanding and capable professionals in the task of sanitizing or cleaning your house, business or any property you need at Premier Maintenance RGV. Provide your customers that peace of mind of enjoying a disinfected place, virus-free in each one of the premises. 

Avoid the risk of picking up a disease with a proper disinfection solution that brings plenty of benefits: valid certification and use of non-toxic materials. Ask for a free quote now.

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Are you suffering problems respecting your house ceiling? Dealing with water stains, ceiling cracks or bowing or any other issue or sign the ceiling is showing its age? You are in need of a proper ceiling repair service. 

Hire Premier Maintenance RGV and take advantage of comprehensive repairs, reinstallation and other fixing and maintenance tasks for your ceiling. Rest assured and get that ceiling crack or water stain fixed, so the issue does not get even worse. 

Our team of capable professionals guarantee outstanding, fast and affordable work for every project, thanks to general experience in the field. Do not hesitate and call us for more info.

air conditioning repair mcallen
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A few things are as uncomfortable as having a broken or failing AC unit, as a system that helps us regulate temperature and air quality. For that immediate and emergency AC repair you need, Premier Maintenance RGV is the contractor to hire for this purpose. 

Have a repaired and completely functional AC unit in no time with the help of skilled and licensed workers in the field that are able to apply highly advanced maintenance and repairing techniques. Forget about water or refrigerant leaking, hot air blowing coil freezing and other problems respecting your air conditioner. Request your free quote and estimate.

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Are you in need of good and qualified plumbing solutions for your house or workplace?

Premier Maintenance RGV offers you the possibility of hiring certified professional plumbers, licensed and insured in this field.

Fix that leaking pipe, broken toilet or replace that old obsolete faucet for a new one in your kitchen, or carry out that comprehensive project to improve the whole plumbing system of your property. Pay less and save money while the guarantee of a high quality work is assured. Feel free to ask for a quote today and take advantage of our experience and expertise in plumbing tasks.

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If you are thinking of installing, replacing or improving the roof in your home for a stronger and better looking one, Premier Maintenance RGV can help with your roofing project no matter its scope or size.

By the hand of capable technicians and experienced professional roofers that know how to do their job, get to improve or completely change that roof in your property, which is giving problems or unfortunately was damaged by weather conditions. 

From replacing the shingles to patching or reinstalling the entire beam with common rafter and the entire structure, we have you covered. Contact us for more information.

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A broken window is more of a problem than it may seem: this shattered glass or frame looks bad and it also affects energy consumption due to heat loss. Interested in a proper window repair solution in your property? Premier Maintenance RGV is the company to call. 

Get that window fixed and make it look good again at the same time you save money. Our experts are prepared and certified in the task of repairing the entire frame to replace a shattered glass or the seals in a double-pane window. With us, experience and excellence is guaranteed. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Commercial signs in McAllen

Dealing with leaking issues in the flat, shingle or metal roof of your property? In this case, roof patching and waterproofing service is definitely the way to go. 

Reinforce the roof structure of your house and protect walls, internal beam, rafter and other parts of the property by patching and waterproofing. This will avoid worse problems and general damage in the long run, saving you money. 

Our team of professional contractors at Premier Maintenance RGV know exactly what to do respecting waterproofing and patching, using the right materials: good plasters, sealants and different coating and membranes. Get in touch and let us know about your project today.

Lighting installation in Edinburg

Having a good quality electrical installation in your property assures you great performance in energy consumption, lighting system and power delivery. At Premier Maintenance, we offer repairing, maintenance and replacing tasks respecting the electrical installation in your property. 

From the electrical wiring to sockets, distribution boards, switches and other components, we count on a team of experts in this matter. Our team of professionals is ready to face any challenge and set the best electrical installation as possible.

Save time and money with us. We address every project with high quality, attention to detail, excellence and affordability. With us, customers´ opinions count.

Do you finally want to carry out that remodeling project to transform and renovate your house like you have always dreamed of? With Premier Maintenance RGV, you will see that vision come true as your property is improved and finally shows your personal style, design and purpose. 

Remodel your kitchen and add that beautiful and useful kitchen island and countertop, or replace that old shower in the bathroom. Whatever your transforming project for your home, we can help you. 

Rely on actual designers, builders and handymen that are experts in their corresponding fields, with certified experience and knowledge. Get in touch to increase your property value today.

As soon as any asphalt is laid on the ground in any driveway or road, it starts to deteriorate and such process accelerates if maintenance tasks are not applied. At Premier Maintenance RGV, you can get support from skilled and equipped experts in the field of asphalt maintenance and applying and also maintenance work to keep it in good condition. 

Our team of professionals guarantee state-of-the-art maintenance tasks in your business or residential property: resealing and recoating are necessary processes to carry out every three years, at least. We will be happy to hear from you, so contact us for estimation and start taking care of your property.

Having problems with a door at your house or office? Count on with door repairing, fixing or complete replacing at Premier Maintenance RGV. Get that door that fits perfectly in your room or fix that one that was beaten by accident and does not look that good. 

You can do this and more with the support of our team of professionals, as experts in any door installation process and also respecting repairs and replacement. Whether you need a new glass door, change the design from an old classic door to a sliding or hinged one, we can help you. Save time and money by contacting us if you want to know more.

Grease trap cleaning in Edinburg

Any restaurant, cafe, mall, pub or similar business must have a grease trap in their wastewater system. Such devices are responsible for blocking FOG, grease and others from going directly to the drainage system, avoiding damage, odors and better hygiene in general. 

The thing is, grease traps require maintenance and proper cleaning to keep on working properly. With Premier Maintenance RGV, give this task to real professionals that will deal with this grease trap cleaning process as it should. They will remove any solid or liquid waste and will leave the device good as new. Avoid sanitary issues and more by contacting us soon.

Overhead door installation in Pharr, as the best and most reliable type of entrance for commercial properties. 

Take advantage of an overhead door installation solution for your house or business and get to enjoy a strong, beautiful and reliable entrance in your property. If you need an overhead door or repair one that is showing its age, Premier Maintenance RGV will be able to help you. 

Install residential or commercial overhead doors, manufactured in the best looking and durable materials: from steel and wood as most traditional ones to beautiful fiberglass, vinyl or glass. With us, you rely on a team of workers that have the skill of installing and repairing these doors appropriately. Searching for experience and reliability in overhead door installation? Contact us.

Taking care of your property is very important and the best way to do it is by carrying out maintenance tasks. With roof maintenance solutions you can find at Premier Maintenance RGV, you will be able to keep your roof in perfect condition, saving you money in the long run. 

Whether you need recoating, patching or reapply shingle pieces or resurface BUR, MBR or EPDM-based roofs, we have got you covered in any of these complex procedures. Thanks to experienced and certified professionals, every project is addressed with excellence, integrity and reliability so our customers always get the satisfaction of hiring us.

Do you own a factory, industrial plant or similar or are you in charge of one? Industrial cleaning is a must when it comes to these types of facilities, requiring special sorts of sanitizing techniques and resources, in order to deal with debris and dirt that can accumulate quickly. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, you can hire a company with experience in the industrial cleaning solution for plants, factories, warehouses and similar buildings in general, without stopping productivity. Meet sanitary regulations while maintaining every area cleaned with the help of licensed professionals. Get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

Cabinetry in Edinburg

When it comes to kitchens, the cabinetry is definitely of the most important and useful structures in any of these home areas. Premier Maintenance RGV offers you the possibility of hiring insured and certified professionals in cabinet installation and repairing. 

Not only that, since with us homeowners will be able to transform and renovate their kitchen cabinets and finally install some that go with their personal style, preference and functionality. A beautiful cabinetry is part of any outstanding kitchen when it comes to design and visuals. Get in touch and we will be thrilled to hear about your project respecting cabinetry and others.

Electrical installation in Pharr

Like any other system in a house or commercial property, the electrical installation needs preventive maintenance to avoid issues in the future and diagnose possible current problems and address them quickly. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, you can count on reliable and insured professionals in the field. Enjoy the benefits of preventive electrical maintenance in machines and generators, wiring and switches, lighting system, transformers, anti-surge devices and more. 

Taking care of your property is always a good investment that pays itself in the long run, saving money and time. Avoid severe and expensive problems by carrying out electrical maintenance tasks in time.

Getting to know more about our pressure washing service at Premier Maintenance RGV owners will be able to find at Premier Maintenance RGV.

When it comes to removing dirt and thoroughly cleaning a surface in your house or business, pressure washing is definitely the way to go. Leave this pressure washing task to the professionals at Premier Maintenance RGV, who will bring out the big guns to clean any surface the easiest way possible. 

Remove mold, heavy dirt and thick layers of dust and filth accumulated in your walkway, driveway and even fence and front door. Make sure everything is cleaned and nice again while light fixtures and delicate surfaces are taken care of by our skilled professionals. Request a quote and ask for more details anytime.

Eager to renovate your home and finally transform it into the house of your dreams? Carry out that comprehensive general interior remodel project in your property and renew your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and any other area you need with the help of Premier Maintenance RGV

Thanks to our experts in design, style and available builders and general professionals in handyman tasks, you will be able to see your house renovated like you always have dreamed of. Finally, get your personal space to speak of your style and way of living with beautiful decorations and finishes. Increase the value of your property today.

Commercial signs in Edinburg

Nothing like a big and noticeable commercial sign to be shown in your business, displaying your corporate brand and logo as it should. 

Get that commercial sign you need in your restaurant, pub, coffee bar or other and get more clients. Premier Maintenance RGV can help you do that easily. 

Install that striking logo and start to stand out among your competition in this way. 

Our experts will help you manufacture and place your commercial logo, with durable materials that can tolerate harsh weather conditions without losing quality. Request a free quote and estimation for your business commercial sign and be finally seen.

The best way to renovate your commercial or residential property quickly and easy is by painting the walls.

Change the look of your house or workplace and give it that new fresh air in style and visuals with a paint job. Premier Maintenance RGV is the ideal company to hire for this purpose. 

Take advantage of capable and skilled contractors as experts in painting projects, from the smallest to the biggest scope our professionals will be able to provide amazing and beautiful finishes on every wall.

Do not wait any longer and give your property a nice makeover with our help.

Flooring installation in Edinburg

Are you remodeling your house and need that incredible floor that fits with the new design, decoration trend and general style? Hire the best flooring installation solution at Premier Maintenance RGV

With our help, install that beautiful floor and completely renovate any area in your house. Improve your kitchen, bathroom or living room by applying new flooring in different materials. 

From wood and laminate to tile floor, our professional team knows how to install new floors perfectly and precisely, looking beautiful in every room of the house. Experience, affordability and customer satisfaction are characteristics that define us, saving you money and guaranteeing high quality work.

Lighting installation in Edinburg

Having issues with the lighting system in your house or business or requiring a new one? At Premier Maintenance RGV, you can have the best professionals working in your property and setting that new lighting installation needs to be appropriately illuminated. 

From setting up the internal wiring to installing every lightning bolt you need, our team of electricians and technicians have you covered in every way. Also, our professionals are able to perform diagnostics and anticipate problems by carrying out maintenance tasks. 

Avoid unqualified workers that cost more on the long run and hire experienced and licensed workers today by contacting us.

Wall cleaning in Edinburg

If you are dealing with dirty walls that look bad on your property, hiring a wall cleaning solution is the best way to fix this problem.

Premier Maintenance RGV allows you to get the best contractors possible for this task, which in many cases might be risky when walls are tall or elevated. 

Leave this job to professionals and have your walls completely cleaned in no time, thanks to appropriate equipment that takes advantage of high-pressure water streams to remove heavy layers of dust, mold and other elements easily. Get in touch with us and avoid the hassle of poorly cleaning the walls yourself.

Lock installation in Edinburg

Needing a new lock for your door or having problems with one? At Premier Maintenance RGV, you rely on a team of skilled technicians and locksmiths, capable of installing, repairing and replacing locks and knobs in any door. 

Enjoy a locksmith emergency service to address incidentals, lockouts or any other that involves locks and keys. Our professionals guarantee the required skills and certified knowledge and license to perform the highest quality work you can find. 

Do not overpay for unqualified work that will probably cost more time and money in the long term. For any requirement respecting locks, request a quote with us.