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Painting in McAllen, TX

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Paint the walls and other elements in your house or business and make them as good a new, renovating the space and improve it completely. 

If you are looking to give your commercial or residential property a new and fresh look and a basic maintenance, painting is definitely the way to go.

For painting in McAllen, TX you have Premier Maintenance RGV at your disposal as specialized contractor in the city.

Make every space in your house or workplace better by having painting and other maintenance tasks done.

With us, only certified and licensed handymen and professional painters will take care of your property in this regard, carrying out an outstanding work that will bring your property back to life. 

Carry out demanding painting projects at Premier Maintenance RGV 

Painting in McAllen, TX

Unkempt, stained and plain general ugly walls in a property are quite evident, making look the whole place bad.

This is the reason why; the most basic and frequent task carried out in a house or building respecting maintenance is painting the actual walls. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, you count on professional painters that are able to pull a painting project off, no matter their characteristics and demanding features provided by you as client.

Our professional painters with skill, license and insure will be able to leave walls shiny and colorful. 

Our painting solutions cover residential and commercial properties alike.

From offices, retail stores, restaurants and other businesses to homes and houses in general and every internal space inside, we have them covered. 

Thanks to our experience in the field and the competence of our staff, we are aware of the specific tasks, materials, resources and techniques that every space in the property needs.

For instance, we specialize in bedroom and bathroom painting, along with paint jobs to be carried out in living rooms, home offices, stairways, basement and more. 

Which services we provide in the city of McAllen, TX? 

We cover comprehensibly every aspect and task related with painting projects, so you can enjoy of every finish and beautiful shiny walls in your property.

At Premier Maintenance RGV, we guarantee a careful and precise paint job in every corner, through a wide set of services and solutions. 

Some of such painting services are:

Painting in McAllen, TX
  • Color consultation and advising: as simple as it may seem, choosing the color and type of paint is usually a challenge, but not with us.
  • As experts, we can help you choosing the best type of paint that fits your needs, budget, personal preference and style of your property. 

From satin to matte or paint with that glossy elegant finish, you have available a great set of options guided by our experts. 

  • Surface preparation: before actually painting the walls, there are other processes that are important and we cover as professionals. 

First, there is the need to refinish walls in case of scuffing, cracks or pieces of old paint.

We make sure the surface is perfectly clean and even before painting to guarantee the best job, using the best primers and other resources. 

  • Area protection: we are aware that during painting, the floor, furniture and objects in general need to be protected, due to paint dripping. 

As such, we take the situation seriously by covering everything, looking after your belongings and their good condition. 

  • Paint application: our experienced painters will carry out an application process that will ensure uniform and evenly finish, using the best and highest quality paints in gloss or matte appearance that fit your style and trend preference in your house or business. 
  • Cleaning and inspection procedures: as important part of the service, we cover the cleaning aspect in order to leave your property in the same condition as before. When the paint is dry, we will take care of removing all the covering materials in floors and furniture. 
  • Miscellaneous: other services we provide in relation to painting are: cabinet refinishing, exterior finish, wall and drywall repairing and wallpaper removal. 

Ask for estimation with us today 

Would you like to know more about our painting in McAllen, TX solution?

Call us at (956) 540-5951 and get to know more about what we offer.

Tell us about your painting project and we will be able to give estimation and quote. 

Take advantage of the best remodeling and maintenance contractor in the city of McAllen.

We have the best reputation and valuable service features: reliability, front pricing, timely completion, state-of-the-art workmanship, attention to details and permanent attention for emergencies.

Hire us and have the guarantee of enjoying a perfect paint job and ultimate satisfaction.

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