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At Premier Maintenance RGV, our goal is to deliver on our promise of providing the highest quality workmanship and amazing customer service for every job that we take on.

Our business has been around for more than 10 years, with thousands of residential and commercial jobs handled.

Our McAllen plumbers’ experience allows us to correct issues that other plumbers may not be able to repair, as well as quickly diagnose and repair more complex problems.

Affordable Service to Take Care of Your Plumbing Needs

Premier Maintenance offers financing, allowing you to pay over a long period of time versus paying out a lump sum all at once, especially when you may not have the full amount sitting in the bank.

We also offer free estimates and free camera inspections for homeowners or commercial properties that have their drains or sewers cleared out by us or need options for replacement due to existing issues.

We also provide military personnel and senior citizens with a 10% discount.

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Plumbing must be one of the most frequent problems home and business owners deal with at their properties. 

This is actually very annoying and while in the majority of cases such issues are not chronic or that severe, in others the related damage can result in big expenses and harm to the structure. 

So, looking for plumbing solutions is key, with Premier Maintenance RGV as first choice for remodeling companies near you in Edinburg. 

Definitely, plumbing tasks must be delegated to actual professionals in the field, and with us you get exactly that. 

Therefore, getting down on the kitchen or bathroom floor and carry out DIY procedures seen on screens that worsen everything will not be your case. 

Plumbing services for residential and commercial properties 

Are you having plumbing-related problems at your home or business place? At Premier Maintenance RGV, we offer comprehensive plumbing solutions focused on residential and commercial properties alike. 

So, dealing from a dripping faucet or leaking pipe at a house to a severe issue with drainage and sewer system in a factory is possible with us. This is possible thanks to a comprehensive approach of solutions for plumbing that may address simple maintenance tasks to more demanding and challenging repairing project. 

Whether the nature of the plumbing issue is, we have got you covered in every aspect so you do not get worried about a water draining, a clogged washer, a faulty heater or blocked toilet, which are the most common problems that appear at a residential level. 

On the other hand, commercial buildings often have different and more complex plumbing problems, due to the nature of the structure and size. Silent leaks, sewer issues, problems with temperature, leaking pipes and clogged drainages are common, and these required specialized workmanship. 

Fortunately at Premier Maintenance RGV, we have the experts to do the job and more by assuring not only getting things done right and in time, but working under values of integrity, responsibility and affordability that result in benefits only for every one of our customers. It has been this for more than a decade we have worked in Rio Grande Valley and nearby main cities. 

Why hiring us? Handyman services in Pharr and all RGV 

Premier Maintenance RGV is a company with 10 years of experience in the field of residential and commercial maintenance solutions, including plumbing and other tasks that help properties being taken care of and keep their value and functionality as main interest for business and homeowners. 

We work strictly under the values of accountability and responsibility, integrity, safety, teamwork and professionalism that are not negotiable, guarantying carrying out state-of-the-art craftsmanship in every project that is delivered in time, with the most affordable prices so customers can have the possibility of fixing any issue they have at their property. 

Over four main counties and covering different twelve cities in southern US that go from McAllen all the way to HarlingenPremier Maintenance RGV is your trusted maintenance contractor ready to get involved in any repair and also remodeling or installing project, from the lowest to the highest scope. 

Would you like get in contact with us? Ask for a free estimation and quote online or by calling us at (956) 540-5951 and get special benefits and discounts respecting plumbing solutions and other maintenance service for your house or business. 

Consult for the financing possibilities so you can have your maintenance project done and pay it easily over time with monthly payments.

What if you do not get professionals for your plumbing issue?

Not getting a professional contractor or a suitable maintenance company like us for plumbing issues at your property would mean serious consequences. 

As simple as a plumbing task might look like, there must be carried out a diagnosis of the issue and then come up with the best way of solving it, which required advanced knowledge, proper tools to work with and technical skills to repair or replace parts. 

When such process is not carried out properly, a repair might become a more severe issue than before, resulting in bigger expenses since other parts of the property may suffer, especially when water is involved. 

Therefore, the best way to do address a plumbing issue is by leaving it to the professionals at Premier Maintenance RGV, as the ideal contractor if you are searching for remodeling companies near you in Edinburg with experts in residential and commercial maintenance and repairing as well.