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Our services are ideal for management companies, homeowners, and business owners.

From the floor to the ceiling, from the interior to the exterior, we've got you covered!

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Wouldn't it be great to have the equivalent of a part-time facility services manager, to take care of the maintenance and vendor related challenges and projects you have under your responsibility?
We´ll take care of every repair and maintenance task needed in your property

Our professional, highly skilled technicians will implement and manage everything for you.

All to meet the specific needs of your building while saving time and solving problems for you, because you have more important things to focus on.

Why continue to hire non-professionals for your property maintenance projects, resulting in more problems, when you can hire a company that is committed to reducing your stress level and saving you time by managing all those services for you?

For more information, please give us a call: (956) 540-5951

Taking care of your house or business is something that must be a priority permanently.

It is no secret that time is ruthless and different parts of a property may suffer from it if proper maintenance is not done.

With Premier Maintenance RGV, is possible to find a handyman near you in McAllen for this purpose.

For a property to be taken care of properly, either being a residential or commercial one, maintenance tasks are extremely important.

But don´t worry, we are here to help you with the most qualified professionals, and we cover the whole RGV area and other main cities. 

Residential maintenance for your home

To keep a house safe, taken care of and beautiful, is something that every homeowner would want and the only way to do it is by performing maintenance tasks inside it, regarding every important system that makes it work and which are not a few. 

For example, residential maintenance involves basic plumbing, like fixing a leaking faucet or pipe, patching and waterproofing a roof, addressing painting and handyman activities, repairing and replacing locks, perform air duct cleaning tasks, AC fixing, disinfection, repairing of the electrical system, flooring and more. 

Basically, the aforementioned maintenance services covered almost every system that requires attention once in a while, allowing to detect current issues or more severe ones that could appear later, saving time, money, and avoiding risks and greater damage. 

Handyman Solutions you can count on 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, you will be able to find skilled professionals and contractors ready to address any maintenance task, no matter its scope.

Fix an issue and prevent bigger problems respecting: 

Electrical system maintenance

Replace and fix circuits, switches, main panels, wires, and more. 


Leaking issues, pipe installation and replacing, internal repairing for faucets and toilets. 


Patching and replacing flat or shingle-based roofs, leak repairing, and complete installation. 

Fences installation:

Address issues with the electric and traditional fences of your property.


Wall painting and repairing of imperfections due to humidity and other conditions that damage walls. 

Window maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of windows, respecting glass screens and frames. 


Address reliably the locks of your property respecting replacing or fixing locks on spot in case of damage or misplaced keys, key duplication, and more. 

Air conditioning

Maintenance tasks for air conditioners, which are very important for their optimal functioning. 

Air duct cleaning:

Cleaning air ducts, so internal air is more breathable and healthy, free of dust. 


Disinfection tasks to keep your house free of pathogens, as particularly valuable maintenance work to do today because of COVID-19. 

Door maintenance

Fixing of doors respecting their mechanical system for them to work properly. 


Reinstallation and repairing of floors in case of severe damage. 


Maintenance of the lighting system of properties in general. 

Why hire us for maintenance solutions in RGV? 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, we offer maintenance solutions specifically designed for residential properties and also for commercial buildings, aware of the specific and different needs our customers have respecting their project to take care of their assets accordingly. 

To do it, we base our solutions on unnegotiable values like service-oriented tasks that must please our customers, accountability and responsibility respecting the work to be done in punctual time and with the importance it deserves, respect and integrity from behalf of our contractors, guaranteed professionalism, experienced and skilled hands in the field and safety at every moment. 

All of these aspects influence every project we are involved in, entirely committed to respecting achieving the best result and customers´ intention for solving issues and maintain their property in the best shape possible.

With us, there is no room for unfinished or halfway-done tasks. 

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced handyman near you in McAllen, get advantages only top-notch providers may give respecting residential maintenance as Premier Maintenance.

Give us a call at (956) 540-5951 or feel free to request a quote online and get to know more about your maintenance Project scope, so we can give you the best prices in the entire Rio Grande Valley area.

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