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Roofing company in Pharr: roofing services and types of roofs

Roof maintenance in Pharr

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Once in a while, at a house or office issues may appear respecting structure or systems causing problems that need to be fixed, but depending on the nature of such inconvenience the owner might wait until there is time to address it. Sure, fixing a cable or a light should be easy and simple to postpone, but a problem in a roof is something else entirely. Hire a roofing company in Pharr and do not worry about it anymore. Premier Maintenance RGV covers Rio Grande and more. 

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A broken shingle, a pierce ridge or misplaced flashing on the roof can lead to greater damage at structure level in the property, affecting walls, the floor and personal belonging due to water leaking. Because of this, delay a roof issue is not an option and a roofer contractor or company is something to consider right away. But, what services do usually offer roofing companies? Let´s see. 

Roofing solutions in mission: repairing, replacing and installing 

When it comes to roofs, there are a few general services that must be offered by roofing companies and contractors, or at least those that have the purpose of providing good solutions for customers and their properties. 

The first thing to know is that roof services have to do with commercial and residential properties, which differ in construction, materials and design, they must be addressed in similar priority, though. Also, roofing is not only about issues and repairing, but it also involves more comprehensive task and full installing and replacing projects. 

Roof repairing

This is the most frequent reason why customers contact roofers and request their service. You see, roof is something that faces extreme conditions outside: severe heat, low temperatures, humidity and abrupt changes in weather, without even mentioning climate phenomena like storms, hurricanes and others that cause debris. 

The previously explained plus the passage of time and wearing out of materials like shingles, flashing and other structures translate into damage that needs to be repaired as soon as possible, since this is when water leaking appears. 

Repairing roofs is risky and may involve from patching a metal roof to rebuild a flat one, or deal with emergency fixing that needs to be addressed immediately, due to damage caused by high winds and storms that may evolve into something more severe for the property. This is when a roofing company like Premier Maintenance RGV is ideal to count on, with expert contractors and with a decade of experience in the roofing field.  

Roof installation in Rio Grande Valley 

For those with a more comprehensive project in mind that is related with roof installation on a property from scratch, it is also possible. At the company of Premier Maintenance RGV, we facilitate solutions that allow to install either metal or wooden-based roofs, flat roofs, shingle roofs and even tile roofing. 

All of these types of roof options involve different materials, application and building techniques, along with distinct characteristics of durability, design, look and more that require advanced knowledge at the moment of installing them, whether on a commercial property like a restaurant or a mall with flat roof or in a house with high pitch and sloped roof. 

Roofing materials: get your preferred finish for your roof

There are many roofing materials that have to do more with finish and design than types of roofs per se. Sure, there are materials that are perfect for specific sort of ceilings, conditions and building features, but they are not exclusive. The most frequent roofing materials are: 

Flat roofing

it is the preferred type of roof when it comes to non-pitched surfaces made of concrete or wood. The surface can be waterproofed with asphalt and plastic-based components like BUR, EPDM and MBR as layers that make the roof resistant to humidity and heat. Flat roofs are usually preferred for commercial structures. 

Shingle roofing: 

this is the most traditional roof material and type regarding residential properties, with house that have that pronounced pitch and sloped in every piece. Asphalt shingles protect that roof and give it that classic and beautiful look, making it durable at the same time for reasonable investment.

Tile roofing:

 this is a more expensive roofing material and is ideal for high slope roofs, with pieces of slate, terracotta and other, along with synthetic resources that imitate luxury finish. Tile roofing is more expensive. 

Searching for a roofing solution in Google? Get in touch with Premier Maintenance RGV as the ideal roofing company in Phar and get your free quote and a no-charged roof inspection today, with a skilled group of professional in repairing and installing roofs of any kind.   

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