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Disinfection Certificate

Upon completion of service, Premier Maintenance RGV will give you our certification of Sanitizing & Disinfecting services, which you can proudly display in your business.

This certificate assures your customers that your establishment has been treated with an EPA approved, non-toxic chemicals, and that your facility is protected against germs and pathogens like the virus that causes COVID-19.

Our expert technicians are trained to complete large-scale disinfection of facilities with an enhanced focus on high touch and common areas where contaminants could be easily spread (Elevator buttons, escalator rails, material handling equipment, break rooms, front counters, etc).

We follow the guidelines set in place by the CDC, EPA, FDA, WHO, etc. 

There are many methods of disinfection and you can be assured that your technician is trained to do each in the recommended manner. 

Our technicians also use appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) with your security and privacy in consideration.

Disinfection and sanitation in Pharr

Nowadays and probably more than ever, to count on a completely cleaned and disinfected space in residential buildings and also commercial properties must be a priority, due to the COVID-19 contingency and everything that result from it with millions of people infected.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a disinfection solution at your home or office, hire Premier Maintenance RGV and count on handyman services in Edinburg. 

Not having a disinfected commercial property and pathogen-free area today would mean monetary losses and clients in general, since the majority of people are looking to be protected in a healthy space with no risk of getting infected with viruses. 

What is a disinfection service and why is it important?

disinfection mcallen

In details, a disinfection solution is the one that allows a business or homeowner to completely sanitize a space, area, room, or multiple parts of a property with the intention of getting them free of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause different diseases and affect the general health of everyone that get in touch with such space. 

Specifically, our disinfection solution at Premier Maintenance RGV is carried out by highly skilled professionals in the field, meeting every security protocol involved when the disinfection is taken place and the utilized components to actually sanitize every room. 

Such components are not harmful to people in general and elements are not toxic in any way. 

In terms of scope and reach, a good disinfection solution like the one we provide may involve from a small room, a regular-sized house or an office to complete buildings, large-scale facilities, factories and big properties, always emphasizing the areas where there is high touch and more focused presence of people in general: elevators, halls, common surfaces like buttons and others.

Reasons for choosing us as your disinfection provider

Not all of the disinfection services are the same. At the moment of choosing one, you need to make sure of certain characteristics respecting security, quality, general reach, certifications, licensed professionals and more. 

Fortunately, Premier Maintenance RGV is a company that meet all of these requirements for a state-of-the-art sanitizing service. 

For example, our disinfection service follows important security and health certifications from different related entities, which make sure that sanitizing methods and components to be utilized are completely secure and are appropriate and efficient. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, the process is certified by the FDA, the CDC, the EPA and others, which is reassuring. 

If you are worried about the health of technicians and professionals that carry out the disinfecting process, be happy to know that they are protected with proper PPE or Personal Protective Equipment, making the process completely safe at every level. 

And lastly but probably one of the most important things to consider: our disinfection solution gives the right to have a certificate at your home or business that might be very important for future customers, proving that a sanitizing procedure has been taken there and therefore available space is disinfected and free of pathogens. 

Such certificate will also let clients know that the sanitizing procedure was done with safe and non-toxic components for humans and cats, and also accredited by the FDA, EPA and CDC. 

What if you do not get you commercial or residential space disinfected? 

At present time, not having a space disinfected and sanitized would probably result in health risks and also monetary losses for businesses in general, since customers are aware of the jeopardy of being in closed spaces due to COVID-19, increasing the probability of infection. 

With a certified disinfection solution like the one we provide at Premier Maintenance RGV, plenty of benefits can be enjoyed as having the guarantee that spaces will be completely sanitized for a while, as well as giving customers the certainty that being there is not a risk for their health and their family. 

Did you google handyman services in Edinburg and we appear as result? 

Do not doubt it and click on our Premier Maintenance RGV webpage and explore the different maintenance solutions we have for your commercial and residential properties, including the valuable service of space disinfection so you can guarantee a pathogen-free business.

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