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Benefits of an HVAC UV Light
  • Control virus, mold and bacteria
  • Reduce colds and flus ‚Äď germs are not re-circulated by HVAC system
  • Reduce smells / odors
  • Remove VOCs
  • Reduces clogging in condensate drain lines by preventing algae growth.
  • Maintain a cleaner coil, improving cooling efficiency and reducing electricity costs.

We know the importance of having a clean and sanitized home and workplace

That's why we are now offering a 10% OFF on our UV Lights for HVAC Systems Installation

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Having a UV light installed inside your HVAC is a simple and cost-effective solution for keeping your workplace and home free of mold, bacteria and viruses.

In order to enjoy great and comfortable temperatures at home or in the office and at the same breathe pure air with no dust or any other particle, every property is in the need of having a heating, ventilating and air conditioning or HVAC unit, as a device that is designed to keep a cool thermal sensation when is hot outside and keep internal premises warmth in winter. 

Now, when it comes to these HVAC units there is a device that make them even better: UV lights that work for a very specific and useful purpose. Take advantage of handy manning in Mission and expert providers in offering this UV light installation solution for the HVACs, which like this are able to offer healthier air to breathe and better functionality in general. 

What is a UV light and what does it do? 

Specifically, an UV light is a specialized device that is put inside the HVAC units that emits ultra-violet light that is imperceptible but it has an important function: to attack microorganisms at a cellular level. What does that mean and how is it that this helps to breathe better air and improves the HVAC functioning? 

In details, to cool the environment or get it hotter and carry out its purpose in general, the HVAC unit blows air out and dehumidifies it along with other processes. At one point, all of these processes cause condensation with matter changing from gas to liquid state. 

Unfortunately, condensation causes moisture and this is the perfect environment to grow for microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, mold and pathogens in general that get accumulated over time. 

This will have as consequence that the air that supposes to be clean in the home or business is not, carrying allergens that are not great for respiratory conditions, without mentioning the damage and effects this moisture has on the unit. More on that later. 

This is when the UV light installation comes to the table, as a device that destroys the pathogens at a cellular lever and helping at the same time that condensation does not have harmful effects on the people living in such space. If you have an HVAC unit without an UV light, at Premier Maintenance RGV we offer the service of installing one for you and enjoy all of its benefits. 

HVAC near me in Harlingen: benefits of installing an UV light 

At an internal level, condensation causes moisture to get accumulated and over time this brings plenty of issues other than the ones related with health: coils get clogged and air resistance appears, making the AC unit to work inefficiently and consume more energy and making the electricity bill more expensive, while internal components suffer. 

Nonetheless, thanks to UV lights customers can forget about all of this and have an optimal HVAC unit working at their property, blowing air like it supposes that is healthy, free of pathogens and more. 

The UV light installation solution provided by Premier Maintenance involve a CDC approved device that can work permanently and is guaranteed for a year, and in this way the cleanest of airs is assure at the property. 

Among the general benefits of this light that is installed on HVAC units are: control over different allergens and pathogens that are harmful and there risks of getting diseases decrease, reduce of funny smells, removal of damaging condensation in drains and it allows coils to be cleaner that help to keep efficiency and electricity bills low. 

Why getting an UV light with us?

When it comes to maintenance, you need the best possible contractor and respecting AC and HVAC units, there is no difference and actually it is the time when getting the most skilled professionals in the field is imperative. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, install the best UV light and guarantee the best protection for your family, along with the characteristics for which we are known for: responsibility, quick response, low prices, reliability and integrity in the maintenance project we are involved in, no matter its scope. 

Also, choosing us as maintenance solution provider for HVAC and AC, along with installation of UV lights and other service result in actual discounts and benefits. For instance, for handyman manning in Mission and in the entire Rio Grande Valley, if you request a free quote the inspection is not charged and installation respecting UV lights and HVAC systems will have a 10% off. 

A major contributor to unsanitary poor indoor air quality, and reduced HVAC efficiency, is the result of the condensation that occurs as air is dehumidified and cooled in the air conditioner. 

This moisture creates an ideal environment for the growth of microorganisms on the HVAC system components. 

Since microorganisms like mold are one of the most common allergens, they can increase allergic reactions and aggravate other respiratory health problems. 

It’s also bad for your wallet, because a severely bio-clogged coil can cause excessive air resistance, and the insulating characteristics of the bio growth reduces the thermal efficiency of the system.¬†

The result is the air conditioner works harder, increasing energy use and accelerating wear and tear. 

UV light works as a disinfectant because it is able to penetrate cell tissue, and break up mold and virus cellular DNA.

Our UV Light installation service is CDC approved, it has one year warranty and is designed to operate 24/7, keeping the air conditioner free of virus, bacteria and mold.

Also, it will minimize your electric bill and the cost of HVAC maintenance.

For more information, please give us a call at (956) 540-5951