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Roof maintenance in Edinburg

Roof maintenance in Edinburg

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Any roofing system on any house or business experience wear and tear over time, making roof maintenance task in Edinburg extremely important.

Without it, damage on the roof regardless of the type would increase exponentially, causing from leaking to clogging and ultimately cracking. Fortunately, Premier Maintenance RGV can help. 

Enjoy the benefits of a preventive, broad and all-inclusive rood maintenance plan designed for big houses and businesses.

No matter the type of roof you have – almost flat in your workplace or high-slope roofing system at home – our professional staff is ready to take care of it. 

Look after your roof with proper maintenance task at Premier Maintenance RGV 

While the roof of a property is one of the elements that has quite an extended lifespan, at the same time is also a structure that suffers a lot, if not the most.

Now, this is logical as the roofing system is exposed to harsh heat, rain, debris and anything that is outside.

Roof maintenance in Edinburg
Roof maintenance in Edinburg

So, the result in a few years is wear and tear and deterioration. Such damage is shown in the form of leaks, cracks, broken shingles, damaged gutters and more.

Nevertheless, these aforementioned issues are usually signs of a bigger problem; lack or maintenance, reducing the roof´s lifecycle at every level. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, we provide a comprehensive set of maintenance tasks for any type of roof. Including from the exterior surfaces and shingles to the internal structure, we inspect and assess the surface with the intention of finding issues to fix. 

With our roofing maintenance program, taking care of your property and keeping its longevity will be a piece of cake. Specifically, we address flat and high slope roofs with metal and wooden structures, EPDM, BUR and MBR-based roofing systems. 

Also, maintenance procedures allow to find other issues to be repaired, such as:

poor design, wear and tear of pieces and surfaces, contractor damage, natural disaster harm, vandalism, broken flashing, debris damage and more. 

What our roof maintenance plans include in Edinburg 

In order to carry out a thorough maintenance procedure on your roof in your commercial or residential property, we perform inspection, cleaning and replacement tasks.

This is done at every level internally and externally, with the intention of finding possible mild and more severe issues and address them.  

Our roof maintenance program at Premier Maintenance RGV includes the following processes, covering the city of Edinburg entirely: 

  • External physical inspection of the roofing system: our staff of professional roofers will get on the roof to be inspected, with the intention of finding issues externally and at surface level. 

At this point, broken shingles, clogged drains, damaged gutters, problems with flashings, tiles and more are some of the signs to look for. Presence of debris is also searched. 

  • Internal physical inspection of the roofing system: underneath the roofs there is the internal structure that holds it together. This area must also be inspected, in order to find open seams, splits, piping, ceiling and more. 

When filtrations occur due to leaks, such parts of the roof on the inside tend to suffer severe damage, especially when maintenance tasks are neglected.

Roof maintenance in Edinburg
Roof maintenance in Edinburg
  • Repairing process: in case of an issue is discovered, this is the moment to get it fix. Our contractors will address the problem as it should, depending on its nature by patching and sealing leaks, if that is the case. 

For broken shingles and similar, the piece is replaced with a new one. In the same way, depending on the issue reinstalling or rebuilding a piece of roof or completely change it would be possible. If that is the case, our staff is ready. 

  • Cleaning and removal procedure: maintenance tasks also involve cleaning of the roof and some of the related components. For example, cleaning the drains and getting rid of debris is something that can avoid damage in the future. 

Hire us today and take care of your roof 

From a roof coating tasks to fix those broken tiles and slates in your roof, look after it by hiring a roof maintenance servicing in Edinburg. 

Premier Maintenance RGV is the company to trust such important venture, making sure your roofing system extends its lifespan at its maximum limit. 

If you need more information or would like to request for an estimation that fit your budget, call us at (956) 540-5951. We will be happy to hear from your maintenance project.

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