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Asphalt maintenance in Edinburg

Asphalt maintenance in Pharr

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A properly maintained asphalt surface in commercial properties always look nice, at the same time it gets easier and smoother for drivers to control their cars, with no risk of holes or uneven surface that may damage the vehicle. 

Find comprehensive asphalt maintenance solutions in Edinburg provided by Premier Maintenance RGV. 

Take care of the pavement in your commercial or residential property and extend its lifespan for many years to come, by performing adequate repairing, replacement and maintenance tasks that are mandatory, if the intention is to keep the asphalt surface in the best condition as possible. 

Look after your pavement at Premier Maintenance RGV 

Asphalt maintenance in Edinburg
Asphalt maintenance in Edinburg

Neglecting appropriate and periodical maintenance when it comes to asphalt surfaces has plenty of negative consequences.

From cracking and wear and tear to pothole appearing, damage will notice greatly and the experience of driving safely on the surface will be affected. 

At the same time, avoiding maintenance will make the lifespan of the pavement to be way shorter than it should be, taking away years and causing damage that otherwise must be repaired with an adequate investment. 

With timely asphalt maintenance tasks in Edinburg, you as home or business owner will not put up with such annoying situation, since Premier Maintenance RGV will be able to help you.

Take care of you pavement with the best service procedures of maintenance, repairing and installation. 

Overlay, sealcoat and patch current asphalt surface that is showing issues. Our trained and professional contractors are experts in every process that your business or home parking lot requires. 

Give your pavement that like-new look again and extend its lifecycle for years, by looking after it with the most capable hands in Edinburg.

At Premier Maintenance RGV, you will find all the specialized assistance you need, no matter the size of the maintenance, reparation or installation project. 

Specific asphalt maintenance solutions we provide in Edinburg 

Asphalt maintenance in Edinburg
Asphalt maintenance in Edinburg

Looking after the asphalt in your property requires the best professionals in the city. Find the most trained and suitable contractors and have your pavement installed, maintained and repaired accordingly at Premier Maintenance RGV. 

In details, we facilitate an extensive number of service plans that address damage, improvement and enhancement of pavements and asphalt respecting parking lots and streets within your property. 

Our specialists will fix wear and tear, alligator, block and edge cracking, potholes and other issues asphalts suffer overtime due to weather conditions, sizzling sun and water filtration.

Proper maintenance and servicing is the only way of fixing such problems and avoid even severe damage. 

Our asphalt maintenance, reparation and replacement solutions include: 

  • Asphalt overlay: an asphalt overlay is the most straightforward procedure to preserve current pavement that is not having potholes or cracks. This 2-inch layer will help the asphalt to endure weather conditions and transit for a long time. Usually, asphalt overlay is the last step of a pavement replacement project. 
  • Paving fabric: the best way of avoiding water filtration, cracking and potholes when replacing or installing asphalt is by applying a paving fabric. This is an intermediate layer that goes between in-depth structure and surface. This is the best tool to extend your asphalt´s lifespan. 
  • General asphalt repairing: overtime and especially when maintenance is neglected, cracking, potholes and similar issues start affecting the asphalt surface. As result, water starts filtrating and damages pavement structure. Our general asphalt repairing processes allow to fix these problems by patching, replacing and sealing pavement sections. 
  • Asphalt sealcoating: by carrying out an asphalt sealcoating procedure, a protecting layer is applied that is able to prevent damage, even before they show. With this protective solution, asphalt endures hard conditions and water more efficiently than those that are not treated. 
  • Restriping and signage: reestablish the signage in your parking lot. Redirect traffic and meet regulatory laws in open spaces. We count on the best contractors to paint the asphalt properly and take care of it in this way. Include reflective painting and markers, along with other resources. 

Ask for estimation and enjoy limited discounts

If you are needing asphalt maintenance in Edinburg, Premier Maintenance RGV is the experienced company to rely on in the city. Hire the best for this endeavor and look after the asphalt in your property. 

Call us in at (956) 540-5951 and enjoy discounts by asking us for estimation. We are known in Edinburg for providing high quality workmanship, precision, timely delivery and affordability.

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