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Grease trap cleaning in McAllen

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Any foodservice business; from a café to a restaurant or fast food chain, all of these workplaces related to the food and beverage industry are in the need of having a grease trap in their kitchens.

Without it, oil, grease and fat-based residues and waste will get the sewer lines and waterways, causing several issues. 

Grease trap cleaning in McAllen

Now, since grease traps are like big deposits of fat, such devices require periodical maintenance to work properly. 

At Premier Maintenance RGV, business owners have access to grease traps cleaning in McAllen, as specialized solution to keep them nice and cleaned and avoid dealing with sanitary issues and non-compliment of mandatory regulations. 

Have your grease trap cleaned by Premier Maintenance RGV 

We provide a specialized solution addressed to maintain grease traps cleaned and in good condition, as necessary device in any foodservice business as restaurants, cafeterias and alike. 

To do it, certified and licensed workers offer assistance and support to perform such demanding task, with the intention of avoiding pollution and other sanitary issues.

All of this servicing on behalf of Premier Maintenance RGV. 

But, what is a grease trap and why is it so important to keep it cleaned?

Specifically, a grease trap is a device that block FOG; fat, oil and grease waste from getting to the water system and sewer lines directly from the drain. 

Like this, lard-based components do not get to contaminate water or accumulate through pipes, which are very common in food and beverage waste in kitchens. 

Now, the grease trap has a limit respecting how much FOG waste is able to filter.

When buildup is overcome due to lack of maintenance and cleaning, the device gets clogged and its primary function is lost, since is not able to filter FOG waste and accumulates with no control. 

This is the moment when you contact us for help. Have the grease trap in your restaurant kitchen cleaned quick and reliably with proper equipment and resources and avoid a sanitary disaster and even fines. 

Maintenance tasks for grease trap cleaning in McAllen, TX 

The grease trap cleaning service provided by Premier Maintenance RGV in McAllen, TX is carried out by equipped professionals.

Our experts are qualified in performing tasks to sanitize, clean and decontaminate the device, by using powerful resources and cleaners to remove heavy fat, accumulated oil-based waste and more. 

Some of the specific cleaning tasks to be carried out are: 

Premier Maintenance RGV
  • Grease trap evacuation: emptying the FOG material is the first step to clean the grease trap. This is possible by uninstalling and move the device to a specialized facility. If this is not possible, powerful vacuum equipment will do the job. 
  • Debris and FOG removal: removing the possible remaining debris and FOG waste is the second step. This could involve cleaning liquid and solid fat-based debris. 
  • Internal structure scrapping down: after a while, fat gets hardened inside the structure of the grease trap and internal drains. Scrapping down pipes, inlets, outlets, baffles and walls is critical to leave the device cleaned. At the same time, possible blocks and clogs are removed. 
  • Deodorization: after cleaning, a deodorization process is performed to eliminate bad odors. 
  • Inspection: cleaning process is the perfect opportunity to inspect the grease trap from possible failures and issues. In that case, our team will be able to repair the grease trap.
  • Proper FOG waste treatment: after the process, FOG-based waste is properly transported, recycled and dumped by following an EPA-compliant process that guarantees protecting the environment. 

What if grease trap cleaning is not carried out as it should?

A grease trap performs an important function. If its maintenance is not carried out as it should, sanitary problems will appear

First and foremost, accumulation of debris and FOG will clogged the drains and pipes, causing a severe issue respecting water flow. 

Also, overflowing is a possibility, as well as bad odors, unsanitary conditions and possible fines due to not meeting health regulations in foodservices. 

Another thing to consider is that a completely clogged grease trap will probably fail, and fixing it is not precisely cheap.

For all of the aforementioned reasons, a grease trap cleaning service is critical and mandatory in any food-related business. 

Request a quote for free 

If you are in the need of a grease trap cleaning service in McAllen, TX Premier Maintenance RGV can help you.

Hire a reliable, reputable and experienced maintenance business for commercial and residential properties. 

Enjoy timely delivery, flat pricing from the beginning and an outstanding workmanship on behalf of licensed and certified professionals only.

Request for a free quote by calling us at (956) 540-5951 or accessing Premier Maintenance RGV We will be thrilled to hear from your foodservice business. 

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