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AC repair near me in RGV: time to install UV lights for your HVAC system

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Indoor quality air is a very important aspect to have at home, improving life conditions of family members in general and at the same time helping them enjoying a better health and an environment free of microorganisms and harming particles. This is why having an HVAC system at your property is so critical, but at the same time respecting air quality it might not be enough, requiring UV lights. Requiring an AC repair near you in RGV? Look no more and hire Premier Maintenance.

While the HVAC does at great job at maintaining environmental conditions by keeping air cooled or warm depending on weather, when it comes to air quality and filtering it needs a hand, sort of speak, and this is where UV lights come to the table. But, what is a UV light and which are its benefits? Let´s find out.

What is a UV Light and why you need one? air conditioning Repair in McAllen 

Specifically, an UV light is a special device that as the name says, emits an ultra violet light that is designed to install inside an AC or HVAC system, in order to improve its efficiency. Now, why is it that a HVAC requires a light of this type to function better or properly? 

You see, one of the functions of any AC or heating and ventilation air conditioner is first, to cool the air and also dehumidify it so it can be more comfortable in any environment. This has an effect inside the AC that is condensation, when matter changes its state from gaseous state to liquid state due to the action of the device. 

With time, such liquid is accumulated and becomes moisture that grows and grows, particularly when ACs are maintained as they should. So, this moisture turn out to be the perfect environment for dust and mold to be, leading to development of bacteria, viruses and other allergens and pathogens that are dangerous, affecting health of people exposed to such air.

At the same time, the AC and HVAC suffers a lot due to clogging and air resistance, wearing it out faster due to thermals and also consuming more electricity, which mean bigger bills. 

Fortunately, by installing an UV light this problem gets solved conveniently and fast, since the device acts as a disinfectant and mold, bacteria and viruses get destroyed at a cellular level, since DNA is directly affected. This leads to cleaner and healthier air, better general environment and an AC or HVAC that will work more efficiently. 

Benefits of UV lights installation 

Along with the previously mentioned information, there are other benefits to the installation of UV lights, such as:

  • UV lights can be easily installed inside the AC or HVAC and work permanently with no issue whatsoever. 
  • Since there are less pathogens like bacteria and viruses and other pathogens in the air since they do not circulate, the probability of suffering diseases like the flus and others is significantly less. 
  • Smells and odors in the air and coming from an AC covered in moisture are avoided, along with volatile organic compounds or VOC, like carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and others. 
  • AC and HVAC suffer a lot less, since the UV light avoid condensation and from coils and drains to get clogged with moisture. This translates into cheaper electricity bills and better cooling and general efficiency. 
  • Cheap and easy-to-install solution to sanitize any residential or commercial space. 
  • By installing your UV lights with Premier Maintenance RGV, you will get a CDC certified installation with a one-year warranty and a solution that is design to work 24/7 and last for years to come. 

Ask for your free quote respecting UV light installation and AC repair in RGV

Request a free quote and obtain different benefits respecting installing UV lights and even entire HVAC systems, such as having a 10% discount and a completely no-pressure inspection to see how is your AC running. In no time, your air conditioner should be providing the best and healthier air quality possible, meaning at the same time more efficient and less tearing function of the device and less electricity consumption. 

If you have the intention of finding an AC repair near you in RGV and take advantage of UV Lights and comprehensive service in general, get in touch with Premier Maintenance RGV and enjoy high-class repairing and installation solutions in different cities nearby and in Rio Grande Valley. 

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